Do you want to teach or present at the S.C. Fire Rescue Conference to be held June 2021 in Columbia, S.C.?  

To be considered, you must complete the following online form.


  1. Call for Presenters will be open until September 30, 2020.
  2. Training and Education Committee will meet in October to review entries
  3. SCSFA Staff will notify you by the end of November if your submittal was accepted

Special Notes:

  1. The Association reimburses for meals and mileage. Rates are determined on the current Federal Per Diem Rate.
  2. The Association must have on file a completed and up to date W-9 before any payment will be received.

Before you get started, we have provided a WORKSHEET that details all the required information for online submittal.  The worksheet will not be accepted as an application to present. All persons requesting to present must complete the online form.  Entries into the form cannot be saved and retrieved later.