It is important that all Exhibitors read and agree to the following items:

      1. The online Exhibitor space reservation system will be utilized again in 2021. With this system, you will be able to request a space, arrange payment, choose any desired options, and share information about your company that will made available to Attendees. The system will allow you to see which spaces are available as well as the size, price and category of each space.
      2. The SCSFA will only accept payment of the final invoice via a company check.
      3. Payment in full must be received within 90 days of placing your order or prior to set up at the conference whichever is less, or your reservation will be cancelled.
      4. Exhibitors may not mix different categories within the same space (i.e., Equipment Sales and Apparatus Sales must have their own spaces).

2021 Booth Pricing Structure

Type  Price
10×10 Tabletop  $900
10×20 Tabletop  $1,800
10×10 Tabletop Premium Location $1,400
8×10 Tabletop $700
8×10 Tabletop Premium Location $1,100
 Apparatus Sales Space (Interior)  $2.50/sf
 Equipment Sales Space (Interior)  $5.50/sf
Exterior Apparatus Space 20×60 $1,000
Exterior Apparatus Space 20×40 $900
10×10 Non-Profit Space $100

Cancellation Policy

For exhibit space cancellations received, refunds shall be made to Exhibitors subject to the following charges:

      1. If more than 60 days prior to Expo, fifteen percent (15%) of the total exhibit space rental fees shall be retained by the SCSFA.
      2. From 59 to 30 days prior to Expo, fifty percent (50%) of the total exhibit space rental fees shall be retained by the SCSFA.
      3. If less than 30 days prior to Expo, the full amount of the rental fee shall be retained by the SCSFA.

The agreement will also be deemed to be cancelled if the Exhibitor fails to occupy his space by 8:00 am on the Friday before the Expo opens. In this event, the Exhibitor will remain fully responsible for the total cost of the exhibit space.