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South Carolina SCFR2018 Explorer/Junior FF Competition
June 16, 2018   3:00PM
Lincoln Street

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Individual/Team Gear Donning

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Team Hose Deployment (4 person)

(Members can compete in both, either, or just come and enjoy the conference)

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This annual competition is limited to active members of a BSA Explorer Post or Jr. Firefighter Program sponsored by a Fire Department ages 14 to 18 covered by proper insurance. Each team or individual must fill out a registration form and waiver. Competition will consist of (2) two events: Gear Donning and Team Hose Deployment.

Registration forms and waivers must be received no later than June 2, 2018. All registrations and waivers need to be received by June 1, 2018 and emailed to ashley@scfirefighters.org, mailed to ASHLEY @ the SC State Firefighter’s Association, PO Box 211725 Columbia, SC 29210, or faxed to 803-454- 1895. Contact Will Catoe at 803-530-5076 or email marshal1@lugofffire.com with any questions or clarifications.

Every department must provide one advisor to serve as a judge. No SCBA’s will be provided for the gear donning event. Participants must bring their own SCBA for each participant and scheduling will allow for minimal SCBA to be needed for the gear donning event as competitors from the same department will be scattered in the line-up.

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Click the forms below to download the required documents: 
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General Rules
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Release Form
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Registration Form
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Vendor Hall will be open from 9-4 Sat. June 16th-plenty of time to drive down and see them before the competition!
Bring the Whole Family: 
There is plenty of room for family and department members to observe the competition.
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