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All Class Times are 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

Hands on Training (H.O.T.) are 1- to 2-day intense training sessions on subjects not readily available in South Carolina.
These classes have limited enrollment and are free to members of the SC State Firefighters’ Association.

Farm/Machinery Rescue

The newly revised Farm and Machinery Rescue Class is designed to introduce the student to situations and hazards related to farm and heavy equipment accidents. Identifying hazards such as fertilizers, pesticides, silos, as well as, stabilization of tractor overturns and equipment disassembly are some of the subjects covered. This is a mix of classroom and field exercises that includes learning the capabilities and resources available outside of emergency services to mitigate these incidents. The class is taught by TARS college level certified instructors.

Instructor: TARS

Pre-requisites: Must have current Basic (Awareness/Operations Level) Extrication Certification

Required PPE: NFPA approved structural firefighting gear or extrication jumpsuit / technical rescue gear, helmet, secondary eye protection, leather type gloves or extrication type gloves, hard sole shoes preferably steel toe or any NFPA approved type boot.

June 24 – 25, 2019

Location: TBA

Rural Water Supply: Its more than just Water Hauling

This 16 hour “Rural Water Supply” class is designed to broaden the scope of operations for those that must bring their own water with them to a fire scene. A lot of agencies in South Carolina don’t have the luxury of operating in “Hydranted” areas and they must provide and maintain adequate flows that our customers deserve. If you do have hydrants, what’s your plan “B” if there is a water main rupture? We will cover the basics but also provide our students with a conducive learning environment to try new tactics. If you’re from the farm lands or your first due is an industrial complex, this class will have something for everyone. This program will take you from the in-depth discussion of the classroom to the hands-on street smart water supply tactics.

Instructor: Billy Dillon & Bryan Bennett 

June 25 – 26, 2019

PPE: Long Pants, Closed Toe Shoes, Helmet, and Gloves

Pre-requisite: EVDT required, Pump Ops preferred but not required

Location: TBA

Wildland Fire Training for Structural Firefighters

This course provides a structural firefighter with the basic knowledge and understanding of hazards associated with Wildland firefighting and the cooperative efforts and assistance the South Carolina Forestry Commission (SCFC) will provide once on scene. The course will cover working safely with the SCFC, the basics of wildland fire, weather, and hose lays, LCES, watch-out situations, suppression, and mop up operations in the Wildland environment.

Instructor: Tim Rainbolt (Horry County Fire , Robert Risinger (Lexington County), & Daryl Jones (SC State Forestry)

Required PPE: Full PPE

June 25 – 26, 2019

Location: TBA

School Bus Extrication 

This two-day program is designed present techniques and tips that can assist the rescuer in extricating a patient trapped in School Buses. During the classroom portion we are going to first take a look school bus types, construction standards, anatomy and extrication techniques. We will discuss scene approach, hazards, and stabilization of school bus. Multi-passenger vehicles present us with quite a different challenge; this course will assist the rescuer in meeting this challenge. The rescuer will be presented with the complications and challenges of extrication from school buses and other multi- passenger vehicles. We will discuss the challenges of a Mass Causality Incident and triage tips for the student and their departments. Students will gain hands on experience during field exercises. Student will stabilize a school bus, complete window removal, picture window evolution, seat removal, breach the sidewall and rear of the bus.

Instructor: Keith Wilson

Pre-requisites: Must have current Basic (Awareness/Operations Level) Extrication Certification such as 3330 Basic Auto Extrication.

Minimum PPE – Head, Eye, Hand and Foot protection, Long sleeves in the form of extrication gear or turnout gear or coveralls.

June 25 -26, 2019 

Location: TBA